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     REF                :           KATO/CIRCULAR/FEB-22/8

     DATE             :           24th February, 2022

     TO                   :           All KATO Members


    Dear Member,


    We hereby forward self-explanatory communication received from KTB on the subject opportunity.

    Interested members are requested to respond to KTB directly as indicated below.

    Kind regards,


    Fred Kaigua, ACIArb, CPM


    KTB is currently in discussions with the Kenya Embassy in Ghana to explore Opportunities for Collaboration between the two countries to grow tourism. This is a follow up of the MOU signed in 2015 covering tourism development and promotion, capacity building, exchange programs etc.  The Kenya trade is a strategic partner in our efforts to penetrate new markets and develop the existing markets  which will culminate into increased business for the trade as well as increase in arrivals and receipts for  Kenya. We would like to take this opportunity to establish which trade partners are keen to tap into the Africa Outbound Market and specifically Ghana. Ghana is one of the top 15 source markets for Kenya and is among the top 10 outbound spenders in Africa. In 2021, Kenya received 5,777 travellers from Ghana. The Ghana outbound market is growing and Kenya presents a good opportunity for the trade to expand their portfolio.

    Some of the proposed activities that could be done jointly through the Kenya Embassy in Ghana  include:

    • Market visit & Workshops & B2B Sessions for the travel trade
    • Trade and media Familiarization trips
    • Joint Promotions to create demand for travel in the specific markets
    • Capacity building – training on the destination offering and how to package and sell it effectively
    • Exchange programs

    Potential Partners:

    The potential Partners we are looking to partner with in this endeavour include the trade associations and their respective members focused on inbound travel  including:

    • Tour Operators
    • Hotels
    • Airlines

    We hereby request you and your members who are keen to explore this opportunity to send an email to CEO at and CC to Alex Tunoi by 4th March, 2022 and we’ll be able to share information on the next steps.

    We appreciate your continued support.

    Fred Okeyo | Ag. Director of Market Development & Marketing Support Services

    Kenya Re Towers, Ragati Road                                     

    P.O. Box 30630-00100 Nairobi, Kenya

    DL: +254 20 2749109, +254 20 2711262

    Fax: +254 20 2719925,


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