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    REF                :           KATO/CIRCULAR/FEB-22/2

    DATE             :           4th February, 2022

    TO                  :           All KATO Members


    Dear Members,


    The renewal of TRA licenses for the year 2022 started in October 2021.  Although the renewal can be executed any time in the year before the next renewal cycle, any payments made after 31st January 2022 will attract a 10% penalty per month.

    In the past few weeks, we have received requests from members seeking assistance with challenges encountered in the TRA renewal process.   All of these (except one pending) have been successfully resolved and we urge members to note the following:

    1. TRA Renewals are currently ongoing but have now entered the 10% penalty phase.
    2. Any member with a challenge with Lease renewals and is operating from home to contact the Secretariat for assistance.
    3. Having a “home office” in your residence is acceptable but this must be completely separate from your home i.e. separate entrances to the home and to the office.

    Should you encounter any challenge in your renewal process, kindly do NOT get into any confrontation with TRA Officials (whether at their offices or yours).  Get all the details of what is wrong with your application and the name of the Staff you are dealing with and immediately contact the KATO Secretariat for assistance to resolve the outstanding issue.









    Kind regards,


    Fred Kaigua, ACIArb, CPM


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