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    REF                :      KATO/CIRCULAR/JAN-23/6

    DATE             :       19th January, 2023

    TO                  :        All KATO Members


    Dear Member,


    Happy New Year and we trust that this finds you well.

    The KATO Medical Scheme is due for Renewal w.e.f. 17th February 2023, which presents the ideal opportunity for New Members to join as existing the members renew.

    We have been engaging various Insurance Companies and have developed the attached Comparison table for those that have responded. Some however indicated they wished to get all the relevant details of those to be covered and have not been included at this stage.

    Please note the following:

    1 AAR Existing Medical Scheme All Members who are in the existing Medical Scheme have received their renewal Quotations for 2023.  They are however eligible to migrate to the New Corporate Scheme benefits BUT at the same rate already quoted for the 2023 renewal.
    New Corporate Scheme We have negotiated with AAR to develop a New Corporate Medical Scheme for KATO members as per attached.  This will be availed to all who will be joining the KATO AAR Medical Scheme for the first time.
    Maternity Cover This is in-built within the Inpatient limits
    2. Avenue Health Care Outpatient Cover. Avenue Health Care offers an Unlimited Outpatient Cover as a stand-alone product.   This also caters for Chronic Conditions which must be declared.
    Inpatient Cover There is also a stand-alone Inpatient Cover that is offered.
    Combined In and Out Patient The combined In and Out patient cover offers a slight discount on the total cost
    Basis for Premiums All covers are offered on Individual Basis only and there is no Family Cover (M+1 etc).

    Jubilee Insurance

    Outpatient Cover The Kshs 75,000 Cover does not extend beyond M+3.
    The Kshs 50,000 Cover is only offered on a “per Person” Basis.
    4 UAP/Old Mutual Outpatient Cover Is only offered for Kshs 300K, 200K, 100K and 50K.
    5 Madison, PACIS, APA & First Assurance Are only able to provide a Quotation on request providing data for the persons to be insured. Any member wishing to get a quotation from these companies to contact the KATO Secretariat.


    We urge all members who are in a position to take up any of these covers (or need more information to help make a decision) to contact KATO Insurance Agency for further engagement:

    Dominic Mokua

    Agency Manager  

    Tel       :           0726 711 986

    Email  : 


    Kind regards,

    Fred Kaigua, ACIArb, CPM


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