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    Dear Member, 


    In our earlier Circular, we sought details from members who required Covid-19  Vaccinations for their staff and we thank all those who responded and provided the required data. 

    After a review of the current situation, it has emerged that the recent Government action of providing Covid-19 vaccines to several outlets across the City has in effect negated the need for private intervention as was the case before. A number of  members also indicated that their staff had already managed to secure the 2nd 

    Vaccination dose from some of the available outlets.  

    In light of the above, we recommend that members and their staff take advantage of the available outlet nearest to them and procure the Vaccination.  

    To assist with the logistics, the Ministry of Health has established the following self-service  portal for registration by interested parties: 

    Members are urged to kindly access the link to register for both 1st and 2nd Doses of the  Vaccine and choose your preferred vaccination site. 

    At a later date, the situation may be reviewed to assess whether any intervention is still necessary.  

    Kind regards, 

    Fred Kaigua, ACIArb, CPM 


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