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    Dear Member,



    Following the AGM held on 4th November, 2021, the Executive Committee in accordance with Article 10 of the KATO Constitution held its first meeting to elect Office Bearers for the year 2021/ 2022.

    1. Office Bearers:

    The following were elected to office as the new KATO Office Bearers and will serve in the positions indicated for the next one year:

    1. KATO Chairman                 –    Mr. Fred Odek
    2. KATO Vice Chairman        –   Dr. Mary Ragui
    3. Treasurer                              –   Mr. Joshua Nyiera

    Composition of Full Executive Committee:

    The composition of the full KATO Executive Committee with the respective Sub-Committee Chairpersons is as follows: –

    Name of Member                             Chairing

    1. Fred Odek                           –           Executive Committee
    2. Mary Ragui                         –           Strategy & Partnerships Sub-Committee / Director, Kenya Roads Board)
    1. Joshua Nyiera                    –           Finance Sub-Committee
    2. Ishpal Oberoi                     –           KATO Coast Branch
    3. Gabriele Nowak                 –           Environment Sub-Committee
    4. Michael Njogu                    –          Marketing Advisory Sub-Committee
    5. Peter Ngori                          –          E- Commerce Sub-Committee / Director,Tourism Fund
    1. Margaret Kulokhoma       –          Education and Training Sub-Committee
    2. Shazmin Manji                   –          Ethics & Standards Sub-Committee
    3. Shadrack Masinde             –          Transport & Car Hire Sub-Committee
    4. Alexander Spiro                 –         Vice Chair, Transport & Car Hire Sub-Committee
    5. Mohanjeet Brar                  –         Director, Kenya Tourism Board

    We wish the new team a successful year 2022 as they assume their new offices.

    Members are requested to note the Sub-Committees in place and to forward any issues that they would like the respective Committees to handle in the coming year.

    Kind regards,


    Fred Kaigua, ACIArb, CPM


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