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    REF                 :           KATO/CIRCULAR/SEPT-22/11

    DATE              :           29th September, 2022

    TO                   :           All KATO Members

    Dear Member

    Further to our earlier Circular Ref KATO/CIRCULAR/AUG-22/7 dated 19th August, 2022 we wish to further advise as follows:

    1. Tourism industry stakeholders under the auspices of KTF met with Immigration Officials on 20th September and discussed the various challenges being experienced by eVisa applicants.


    1. The 3D required was identified as a major impediment and the meeting agreed to suspend this requirement for applicants from North America with immediate effect on a trial basis,


    1. Immigration Officials confirm that the process of removing the 3D requirement has been commenced but will take at least 1 week.  This is therefore expected to be completed by Friday 30th September.

    We urge members to report any difficulties experienced after 30th September for further follow up with Immigration Department.

    Kind regards,

    Fred Kaigua, ACIArb, CPM

    in 2022-Sept
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