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    REF                 :           KATO/CIRCULAR/NOV-22/8

    DATE              :           29th November, 2022

    TO                   :           All KATO Members

    Dear Member,


    We are pleased to inform you of recent changes made to strengthen the KATO Insurance Agency by engaging a full-time Manager to oversee day to day operations.

    The Agency has partnered with different reputable Underwriters to offer various Insurance products to KATO members.

    The Insurance products available include but are not limited to:

    1. Medical Insurance
    2. Motor Insurance PSV/Private/ Commercial covers
    3. Travel Insurance (Inbound and Outbound)
    4. WIBA
    5. Fire and Burglary
    6. Public Liability Insurance
    7. Tour operator Liability
    8. Domestic Package
    9. Golf Insurance
    10. Pension Plans
    11. Personal Accident/GPA/student covers
    12. Glass Insurance (for buildings)
    13. Micro Insurance

    The Agency Manager will engage members and make house calls to establish product or service needs.

    Any member who would like to program a visit can contact:

    Dominic Mokua

    Insurance Agency Manager

    Mobile: 0726711986


    Kind regards,


    Fred Kaigua, ACIArb, CPM


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