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    REF                :           KATO/CIRCULAR/MAR-22/4

    DATE             :           17th March, 2022

    TO                  :           All KATO Members


    Dear Member,

    KWS 2022 PARK FEES FROM 1ST JULY, 2022

    We are in receipt of the attached Rate Card from KWS communicating the Park Fees that will take effect from 1st July 2022.  Given that the prevailing rates were gazetted to end on 30th June, 2022.

    Even though the new Rates from 1st July have already been gazetted by the Cabinet Secretary and are therefore legally in effect, we invite members to forward any concerns they might have so that we can engage KWS about the same.

    Kind regards,

    Fred Kaigua, ACIArb, CPM


    We are pleased to inform you that KWS conservation fees for  July 2022 – December 2023 were gazzetted last week.

    Attached please find the Rate Card brochure for your reference and circulation to your members. Important to note is that we will now have two seasons as indicated below:-

    • High – July to February
    • Low –March to June

    We will appreciate feedback from your members and thank you for your continued support. Kindly do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information/clarification on the rates.


    Gladys Kosgei

    in 2022-March
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