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    Attached herewith is a summary of the key issues received and handled for the Week Ending 3rd December, 2021.

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    1 What are the current entry requirements for visitors to Kenya? In addition to the PCR Negative Certificate, the Ministry of Health recently announced the additional requirement for a Vaccination Certificate for Travellers. This is expected to take effect from 21st December, 2021.
    2 Is the vaccination requirement definitely proceeding? Although KTF has lodged an objection giving reasons, there is no indication at the moment that the requirement will not proceed. The initial communication indicated the requirement affected all Travellers from:

    1. All of Europe
    2. The Southern Africa countries of:   South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Eswatini and Malawi.
    3 Which Vaccines are


    There is no indication of which vaccinations are acceptable and which ones are not. It is safe to assume that MoH will follow the WHO list of approved Vaccines but this will be clarified.
    4 Is the requirement for one to be fully vaccinated or the 1st Dose will suffice? The requirement is for one to be FULLY vaccinated and have proof of the same.
    5 Are Children also required to present the Certificate? Recent clarification issued (3rd December) confirms that    children  under  18  are  NOT  required  to  present  a vaccination certificate.
    6 How long is the PCR Certificate valid for travel to Kenya? The NOTAM issued by KCAA indicates that the PCR is valid up to 96 hours before travel – this has been in force and implies that direct travel time to Kenya is not included in the 96 hours. Recent communication from an MoH Statement indicates 96 hours before arrival and thereby creating some confusion which needs to be cleared up through KTF.
    7 Can a Client arrive with a Doctor’s letter confirming they have recently recovered from a Covid-19 infection? Any Traveller who has recently recovered from a Covid-19 infection and cannot present a Negative PCR Certificate needs to apply for exemption from PCR from the Director of Medical Services. This is to be done before commencing travel.
    8 Is the TT Code still required to enter Kenya? The TT Code requirement is still very much in place but is at times not enforceable since some Travellers are unable to acquire it.  We are informed that where a client insists the TT Code was not available in their country but they have a negative PCR Negative certificate and the MoH Travellers Surveillance Form with QR Code, that is acceptable.


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    9 How long does it take for the

    E-Visa to process and issued?

    The recommended time is at least 48 hours but this has been known to approve within a few hours the same day.

    It is highly recommended that your clients apply for their E-Visa well in advance since once issued it remains valid for travel up to 90 days.

    10 Can a Client come to Kenya

    before the proposed arrival date they had indicated in

    their E-Visa application?


    The dates indicated in the E-Visa application are merely indicative and one can travel to Kenya immediately they receive their E-Visa and anytime thereafter up to 90 days.


    Kind regards,

    Fred Kaigua, ACIArb, CPM

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