KATO stands for Kenya Association of Tour Operators (formed in 1978), and is one of Kenya’s leading tourism trade Association representing the interests of over 300 of the most experienced tour operators in Kenya. Our membership comprises of both large and small operators.

Our members are Licensed Tour Operators operating in Kenya who meet our basic requirements as provided in the Constitution. There are three main membership categories for tour companies namely FULL, ASSOCIATE and PROVISIONAL.

After one (1) year of operation as a Tour Operator, you may make a formal application in writing requesting to join KATO. Subsequent to this you will be furnished with a Membership Application form, two Questionnaires and a Notice of Categorisation. These documents are to be returned to the Secretariat duly filled and your Categorisation form certified by your Auditors. In addition, you will also be required to attach copies of your current Certificate of Incorporation, Ministry of Tourism License and any promotional materials/brochures that may enable us assess your application.

  1. Information Exchange
  2. Recommendation/references for your company
  3. Bonding scheme
  4. Arbitration/mediation facility
  5. Lobby. KATO is actively involved in lobbying activities specifically with the Government on important issues affecting members.
  6. Access to KTF Safety & Communication Center
  7. Easy access to pre-paid park tickets
  8. Networking
  9. Education and Training
  10. Online directory and database
  11. Use of the KATO logo
  12. Information on and access to overseas trade shows and exhibitions.
  13. Stronger bargaining power

There are three (3) different categories of membership of KATO namely FULL, ASSOCIATE, and PROVISIONAL.

All new members join in as Associate Members for a minimum of one year. The annual fee is Kshs: 11,600 (exclusive of application fees of Kshs: 1000)

After a maximum of two years, you are required to upgrade to Full Membership. This is categorized depending on your annual gross earnings. Annual subscriptions vary as follows:

CATEGORY Annual Subscription Fees

Category A 91,900
Category B 63,300
Category C 49,000
Category D 33,600
Category E 18,200
Associate Category 11,600
Affiliate Category 18,200

Provisional Members 6,600
Corporate Members 100,000

Affiliate Membership is for foreign tour operators or local allied trade companies or individuals whose membership of KATO is of benefit to the Association. The fees are; local; Kshs. 18,200.

For a complete listing of our members, please visit our website www.katokenya.org. You will be pleased to note that most of our members have direct links to their homepages.
You may contact any of our members listed on our website www.katokenya.org
With the help of an internal search engine within our website, please type in the activity you wish to undertake e.g. bird watching and a complete listing of those who provide this activity will be listed for your further action.
The cost of a safari vary depending on what kind of safari you wish to undertake e.g. luxury, budget, economy, etc. This could cost anywhere between US$150 to US$500 per person per night.
It is common practice to have all costs paid for prior to commencement of the safari, as the Tour Operator has to make certain commitments to secure bookings, accommodation, flights, etc.