FAQs - What are the Charges for KATO Membership?

There are three (3) different categories of membership of KATO namely FULL, ASSOCIATE, and PROVISIONAL.

All new members join in as Associate Members for a minimum of one year. The annual fee is Kshs: 11,600 (exclusive of application fees of Kshs: 1000)

After a maximum of two years, you are required to upgrade to Full Membership. This is categorized depending on your annual gross earnings. Annual subscriptions vary as follows:

CATEGORY Annual Subscription Fees

Category A 91,900
Category B 63,300
Category C 49,000
Category D 33,600
Category E 18,200
Associate Category 11,600
Affiliate Category 18,200

Provisional Members 6,600
Corporate Members 100,000

Affiliate Membership is for foreign tour operators or local allied trade companies or individuals whose membership of KATO is of benefit to the Association. The fees are; local; Kshs. 18,200.