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 peter ngori-kato chairman
Mr. Peter Ngori
Chairman KATO
(Director, Abercrombie & Kent) 
Mr. Steve Turner
Vice-Chairman KATO
(Managing Director, Origin Safaris)
Fred Odek
Hon. Treasurer, KATO
(Director, Silver Africa Tours and Safaris)


Ishpal Oberoi
Chair, KATO Coast Branch
(Director, Kuldips Touring Company Ltd)

Joshua Nyiera

Chair, Ethics and Standards Sub-Committee
(Managing Director of Acacia Holidays
 Lilliane Mugo
Chair, Education and Training Sub-Committee


 Shadrack Masinde

Chair, Transport & Carhire Committee
(Director, Gofan Safaris)

Vincent Maingi

Chair, Marketing Advisory Sub-Committee
(Executive Director, Africa Visa Travel Services Ltd )

dr. mary ragui
Dr. Mary Ragui

Chair, Strategy Sub-Committee 
(Director, Favour Tours & Safaris )


 gabriele nowak

  Gabriele Nowak

Chair, Environment Sub-Committee
(Director, Sunworld Safaris )



rajiv pic  

Rajiv Chadha

Executive Committe Member 
(Director, African Aden Ltd) 



alex spiro

Alexander Spiro

Executive Committe Member 
(CEO, Private Safaris E.A. Ltd)



Fred Kaigua
Chief Executive, KATO 





The KATO Ethics & Standards Sub-Committee

The KATO Constitution specifically provides for the creation of the “Ethics and Standards Sub-Committee” which is charged with the responsibility for overseeing the preservation and enforcement of proper standards, ethics and discipline among KATO Members. This involves monitoring and interpreting the conditions contained in the Code of Conduct and looking into any alleged breach of these conditions. The Sub-Committee after its deliberations makes appropriate recommendations for action.

The Sub-Committee is composed of eight members elected at the Annual General Meeting and the Licensing Officer from the Ministry of Tourism & Wildlife is an ex-officio member.

Whereas the Sub-committee’s primary objective is to take care of the interests and well-being of KATO members, it also strives to ensure that all members abide by the provisions of the Code of Conduct. A key activity in this respect is the provision of a forum for aggrieved clients to seek redress in the event of a dispute based on a breach to the Code. The Sub-Committee also accords members the opportunity to seek redress should there be a dispute with another member or a non-member of the Association.

On the wider industry level, the Sub-Committee also carries out a review of existing minimum standards, codes of conducts and ethics in general with other Industry stakeholders (both in the private and public sector). In certain occasions, the Sub-Committee does recommend certain standards which the Ministry might consider in determining whether or not to grant or renew the license of an operator.

It is important to point out that the Sub-Committee decisions are not enforceable in law and are in the form of recommendations for members to comply with. Any complaints that remain unresolved via the Committee may thereafter proceed to legal redress should the complainants so wish.

Any decisions made against a member and which are not acted upon to the satisfaction of the Sub-Committee may result in suspension or eventual expulsion of the member in question. When this occurs, the expulsion is listed on the KATO website.


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