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Mr. Bakul Keshaulal Kanji Chandaria
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black gate no.3, left corner after tausi court, tausi close, Muthithi rd, Westlands
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0727453434 / 0736138013
Air & Balloon Safaris, Beach Holidays, Bird Watching
Golden Holiday Group Africa & India (GHG), we have become a well versed and innovative industry leader within the travel market. We take pride in maintaining the hospitable approach which we hold that derives from our roots as a business established. Our belief is that travelling should be fun and that our travellers should be well versed in the history and culture of the destinations to which they visit. Our tours are designed for customers to enjoy the amazing diversity of different countries and cultures. With our guidance, tour the world, the places which are made famous on screen and in literature, with complete satisfaction that you are travelling with the experts.

‪Golden Holiday Group Africa & India Company takes more passengers to more places than anyone else. We have fulfilled the expectations of our travellers. We are constantly improving, evolving and refining our services to meet your specific needs. Over the years, Golden Holiday Group Africa & India have earned an international reputation for quality, innovation and outstanding service.

So, at Golden Holiday Group Africa & India , we have got everything covered, thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience of the travel industry. With just one call to us, take away the stress of finding you and your family a suitable dream holiday. Leave it to us, so you can concentrate on relaxing and enjoying your holiday.


GOLDEN HOLIDAY GROUP mission is to become the foremost provider of "FUN" and convenient travel to all markets. GOLDEN HOLIDAY GROUP seeks to connect newcomers and veterans with services that fit their requirements and budget.


An opportunity for GOLDEN HOLIDAY GROUP’s success exists because the tourism and travel industry is growing. GOLDEN HOLIDAY GROUP is poised to take advantage of this growth and all markets have a large concentration of outdoor recreation enthusiasts or those wishing to travel in leisure or business. These individuals or groups are GOLDEN HOLIDAY GROUP's primary customers.


The value added services of GOLDEN HOLIDAY GROUP offers knowledge and expertise, competitive rates, and specialty focus on travel, which translates into increased satisfaction for the customer.


Many potential customers are unsure of the location they wish to reach. Part of the value associated with working with us is the knowledge we posses about World wide destinations. Customers look to us to provide them with sound advice for a competitive price. GOLDEN HOLIDAY GROUP is confident in its ability to do so. Time is a precious commodity. GOLDEN HOLIDAY GROUP saves the customer time and money, and helps to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with their vacation/ holiday. Additionally, many of GOLDEN HOLIDAY GROUP customers spend 50 weeks of the year in an office. GOLDEN HOLIDAY GROUP offers people the ability to get away. These benefits include better health, excitement, personal growth, ear-to-ear grins, and a whole lot of FUN.


GOLDEN HOLIDAY GROUP adheres to the theory that the goal of business is to create and keep customers. Our marketing strategy reflects this goal as we build our reputation in the Kenyan and Indian market. Our Tours & Travel Consultants are experienced travelers, and experts in their fields, with an excellent product knowledge that will assist in booking the most appropriate tour/ safari for you. We also make sure that before you travel, you are equipped with all the necessary information about visa, health, packing lists, cultural issues and your safety. Your itinerary is equally set out prior to your departure.


Our Service offering as follows:

• International & Domestic Air Tickets
• Customized Holidays - International & Domestic Tour Packages
• Special Honeymoon packages
• Mice & Incentive Packages
• Educational & Medical Tour Packages
• Worldwide Hotel Accommodation
• Luxury Cruise Liner
• Any other services which are related to Trade & Travel Industry

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